You really shouldn’t do anything without a strategy.

Seriously, why would you bother? Oh, let’s just randomly put some ads out there and maybe toss in a few postcards here and there. That’ll work.

Basically, that’s what you’re doing if you don’t have a strategy.

So how do you get a strategy? It all starts by clearly defining your objectives, timeframe and budget. Do you want to improve brand recognition, sell 10,000 additional units or solicit customer feedback? Do you want to generate leads, introduce a new product or guide existing customers through a period of change?

Every one of these objectives requires a different strategy. The good news is we know how to create smart and effective strategies. We know how to craft a thoughtful, targeted message and we know how to get it where it needs to be to accomplish your goal.

When you partner with Flex, you get more than ads and postcards. You get brains. Experienced, talented and accomplished brains that will create and execute a successful strategy for your business.


First we meet with you, get to know you and your company and find out what your goals and objectives are.


Then, we’ll compile and analyze all this information and insight and look for opportunities and solutions.


Next, we establish a strategic plan with a range of options for how to achieve your objectives.


We’ll turn our strategy into actionable items and track success to ensure the best results.