A proven, data-driven approach.

New customer onboarding – it’s like turbo charging your marketing.

In a perfect world, all of your new customers would read everything you give them, listen to all the options you explain and follow all of your instructions. But we don’t live in that world, do we?

That’s why Flex has developed custom onboarding programs for banks and credit unions. These programs are designed to engage with your customers, remind them of your services and guide them into a better customer relationship – one in which they’re more likely to respond to your offers.

It’s all about the data.

We use a data-driven method to develop a custom path for each new customer, so you can capture their attention, engage with them fully and deliver timely offers when they’re most likely to respond. This way of engaging is proven to work, boosting ROI up to 20x over marketing efforts without an onboarding plan.

Better customer engagement leads to greater buy-in. Buy-in leads to brand loyalty. Loyalty to your brand means your customers are far more likely to respond to your offers.

Trust Flex to help you engage with your new customers and turbo charge your marketing efforts.

Onboarding Success6 Month ROI Report

Onboarding People


  • Onboarding
  • Pieces Delivered
Onboarding Graph


  • New Deposits
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Onboarding Money


  • New Loans
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Let's talk onboarding channels.

Email in an envelope


You're already capturing new customer emails. Put them to use easily and inexpensively with a full onboarding plan. Capture feedback with surveys or drive customers to FAQ pages and convenience services. It’s easy and affordable.

Mailbox full of mail, with the flag up


Some products require more than an email. Certain offers like home loans, credit cards and personal loans require a bit more detail. Direct mail is a great resource that easily folds into our onboarding plans. It acts as a multiplier. They've seen it once. Now they see the offer a second time and in more detail.

Chat bubble


Put your services in the hands of your customers. Literally. When we incorporate text blasting into your onboarding plan, we’re talking to your customers with the device they use and trust the most. You are literally in the palm of their hands. What's better than that!