Informed Delivery

Boost direct mail efforts with informed delivery

Informed Delivery is a free service from the USPS that sends users a daily email containing images of the mail pieces they will receive the next day.The service currently has approximately 50 million users and a 23% year-over-year growth rate. And while the service offers value to postal customers, it provides an unprecedented opportunity for marketers.

Three touchpoints in one campaign.

With Informed Delivery campaigns, you can design a digital ad to appear with the images of their direct mail pieces in the recipient’s daily email. These ads can be customized for the campaign and include a hyperlink to allow the customer to learn more or take advantage of an offer. And, of course, the content will be reinforced when the physical mail piece arrives in their mailbox.

  1. A digital image of your direct mail piece delivered via email
  2. Digital ads that accompany the digital image via email
  3. Direct mail in the mailbox

That’s three coordinated impressions in one direct mail campaign.

Email opening rate outpaces industry average.

Average email open rate has consistently outpaced the industry average at above 64%, with over 5 billion total daily emails opened. Brands have seen strong returns on campaigns with the Informed Delivery feature and impressions totaling over 35 billion.

Reporting tools allow for detailed analysis.

There are reporting tools that allow marketers to analyze campaigns and see how many customers in their footprint are enrolled in Informed Delivery. There are also back-end reporting tools to determine the ROI of a campaign.

Creative, innovative and affordable marketing

  • Reach engaged consumers and increase interaction. Tap into an engaged user base that delivers higher-than-average email open rates.
  • Generate multiple impressions from a single mail piece.
  • Encourage faster responses. Offers, interactive content, and clear calls-to-action help increase consumer response.
  • Reach customers digitally from their physical address, expanding your reach and audience base.
  • Get more bang for your buck. Potentially increase return on investment (ROI) for your direct mail campaign.
  • Measure campaign performance. Gain valuable data insights that can help optimize your marketing spend.

A direct mail game changer.

Direct mail marketers are always looking for new ways to freshen up direct mail campaigns, cut through the clutter, and improve response rates. Informed Delivery campaigns offer a whole new model, channel and opportunity to boost your direct mail marketing like never before.

Flex knows how to make informed delivery campaigns work.

While Informed Delivery campaigns offer an amazing new way to reach your audience, you still need to know how to make them work. For example, how you should design the mail piece so it translates well into a greyscale digital copy? Also, what kind of content or ads will best engage your audience? The good news is Flex knows how to maximize this innovative new marketing channel to get the best engagement, responses, and ROI for your campaign.