FlexDR Hot Site – Print & Mail

We provide reliable solutions in uncertain times.

Flex is prepared to help you deliver mission critical communications. If your business needs a reliable solution for printing, processing, or mailing during these challenging times, we are fully equipped to assist you.

"Hot Site" Active Disaster Recovery

Our "hot site" active disaster recovery solution is ready to deploy on demand. We regularly process a portion of your transactional mail and rotate through your active jobs on a regular schedule. This provides assurance we are familiar with your work and equipped to spring into action to provide efficient and cost-effective print-to-mail service at a moment's notice. We are committed to helping you keep a steady cash flow, guard your brand reputation, and comply with industry regulations.

Integrity and Security

We maintain the highest standards of integrity and strive for optimal security of client information. Flex’s production facility is secured with multi-factor authentication prior to entry. Our lettershop services and statement processing reside in a SOC 2, Type 2 environment. We receive all sensitive customer data via SFTP transfer. We provide efficient, automated job processing and secure online job management and proofing.

Proven DR Track Record

We have a proven track record as a disaster recovery partner. When one of the largest financial institutions in the Southeast lost their internal print operations in a disaster, Flex's DR hot site went "live", and we quickly began production. Our services were so convincing, after a decade we continue to be their vendor of choice for statements and daily work.

Pandemic Ready

We kept our doors open throughout the pandemic. We implemented health protocols to protect our employees and ensure continuity of service for our clients adversely impacted by economic volatility.

Operational Redundancy

We are fully-equipped for operational redundancy in the event of a local disaster. Our enterprise resides in the "cloud" within a SOC 2, Type 2 Citrix environment which is replicated securely to a secondary site. We have a secure, tested disaster recovery partner for deployment of our physical print and mail services and can produce your mission critical communications from any secure internet connection.

Peace of Mind

We offer protection and peace of mind knowing if, and when, disaster strikes, we are here to keep your business going—and when the storm has passed by, to help you transition back to business as usual.

Let us craft a recovery plan for your business.