Southern Foodservice Management

Our partnership with Southern started with a simple them save money on credit card fees.

Founded in 1951, Southern Foodservice Management provides onsite dining, catering, and vending services to business & industry, education, and government clients across the nation. When customers purchase meals from a Southern café using a credit card, a service fee is applied to the transaction, and both Southern Foodservice and their clients must absorb this added cost.

To solve this problem, Flex developed a proprietary Meal Card for Southern café customers to swipe when purchasing meals, thus saving on “fees per swipe”. The meal card system not only saves Southern and their café clients thousands of dollars each year on credit card fees but has also grown into a successful rewards program that increases café sales. Flex also developed additional conveniences for Southern customers by adding an online ordering system and a Meal Card website that allows purchase and rewards tracking. The Meal Card has been so successful that all 165 Southern cafes now operate on this system.

With a partnership over 10 years in the making, Flex still maintains daily communication with Southern. With new website features, upgrades, & updates constantly in the works, we enjoy our close partnership with Southern and living up to the excellent standard of service they’ve come to expect from us!

“We value our longstanding relationship with the team at Flex. The development and marketing team’s work is always top notch, and they truly go above and beyond to support us.”

Conner Liles
VP Corporate Services
Southern Foodservice Management, Inc.

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