Video & Radio

YouTube, Vimeo and Spotify… Oh, my!

TV and radio aren’t just TV and radio anymore. People watch YouTube and Vimeo like they watch television. Radio is worldwide because of streaming services like Pandora and Spotify. And there are a mindboggling number of streaming, cable and other options crowding the airwaves now.

Oh, and there’s nothing random about how your ads get run anymore. On these services, ads are carefully targeted to specific audiences based on behind-the-scenes data and algorithms.

And did you know you need to tag your videos appropriately so people searching can find your video content easily? Linking several other media platforms to your YouTube or Vimeo content is super smart, too.

Clear as mud, right?

No worries. We can help. If you already have a commercial or video, we know the best ways to promote it. If you don’t, we can develop a video or commercial from scratch – write, shoot, edit and release.

We can do anything from a “how-to” tutorial video, to an informative video, to a splashy TV commercial.

Regardless of your video needs, we can get it made, get it out there and get it noticed.

Just like video, the radio universe is expanding as well. Sure, there are still local radio stations we can tap into to get your message out to a very specific region or demographic. But there are also streaming services we can use to broadcast your business far and wide. Again, we know how radio works — on both the local and global scale. And we can make it work for you.